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Increase traffic by 4.5 times for the board games website

The story of how to increase traffic in 8 months, and also turn a hobby into a full-fledged business. Read and apply life hacks.

Traffic growth

4.5 times


88 texts
SEO for a furniture webstore

How to increase sales 16 times in 2 years. The story of how the correct budget allocation and cooperative strategy helped to increase traffic and sales.

Sales growth

16 times

Traffic growth

8 times
Case study on Digital Advertising in the tourism business

How we reduced the application cost by 35% and the click cost by 24%. We describe our work process step by step.

The cost of the application has been reduced


Conversion Rate Increase

Increased organic traffic by 280% in a year for a web store of bicycles

How to double your organic web store traffic in 2 years. At the start of the work, the website was just starting to grow and there were several types of goods in the catalog.

Transaction growth

2.5 times

Traffic has grown in two years

100% transparent work

Our team works with an open budget and beside that, we don’t hold your project to our Google account. You will have your personal account on Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager and we don’t
hide copywriters’ contacts that are working on your project.

If you would like to hire a different contractor — it will take place easily and painless. But only one in fifty clients leave us.

We offer high quality work and this is the only reason why we guarantee transparency in budgets and reports.


We know how important the sales are to business from the first day of work and this is why we will set up Paid Media immediately. During the first day we launch the most important campaigns and extend adding new ones so you won’t lose a day while all the keywords are being gathered and the whole process is being set up. Setting up is not like building a house where you need to wait to settle for months: from the foundation to the finishing. We start small and you can process applications even today.

We work with SEO in parallel where the first results can appear in a few months.


If you want to figure out your product, the market, new promotion tools, analytics and advertisement better — you will get comprehensive consultations. We don’t promise you consulting during weekends and late at night (beside matters of life and death), but you will receive complete replies to your letters, office meetings (if you live in Kyiv) within a specified time frame.

We don’t work with “secret growth techniques” because they don’t exist and those who state so just want to deceive their clients. That is why we do not keep secrets from our clients and work by this scheme: consulting →teaching →business growth.


Our agency is a certified Google partner. Work process with advertisement campaigns in Google and Bing is algorithmic, which means that we do our work on time, without mistakes, while controlling the advertisement budget.

We launch the full range of services: from text ads to Paid Social retargeting and dynamic ads.

We don’t conceal the costs of services and you can always check where the money was spent. We prove our quality with client feedback and cases.


Only specialized specialists speak with you

Without any account manager — you will talk only to specialists. We understand how it’s hard to make time for digital marketing for businessmen that build processes and deal with strategic issues.

This is why we first talk to you on the phone or communicate by email so we will understand your needs to know where to focus on analyzing your website.

After this, you are able to choose whether to implement your ideas by yourself or to let us do it for you. You are in full control of that situation.

We offer a complete suite of SEO and digital marketing, but you might need none of them. We rationally estimate what kind of results we can achieve and the budget for it.

If the area of business matter is overused and we see that some type of advertisement will not be able to work — we will not recommend that service.

The reputation and the business growth of the client are more important for us than a one-time payment.

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How to calculate ROI, ROAS and ROMI. Calculator, computation and differences

1000% ROI — myth or reality? It all depends on the formulas. In this article, we will tell you about the tricks of marketers, teach you how to count ROI, ROMI, ROAS as a multiplication table and even manipulate numbers if you want;)

How to connect sending contacts Facebook Lead Form Ads to email

Save time on manual cheking of each lead and open a few times a day page of Publishing Tools.

Facebook Lead: how not to drain your budget and rolling in leads

If some type of advertising appears, it means that it is beneficial to someone. Lead Forms or Lead Ads can be the most profitable sales channels if you find the right way to them.

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Who will work with your project

My name is Nick Lukashuk and I know how to get more applications and sales. Like you, I am an entrepreneur. I am engaged in optimization, analytics, managing and setting up advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing And, Yahoo Gemini) and Paid Social.

Experience with Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Yelp, Amazon, eBay, Joomla, Drupal, Horoshop, OpenCart. I know all the nuances and features of these platforms.

I work with a team to whom I entrust routine work or areas where automatism is perfected. I leave the analytics and strategy to myself. Therefore, you will be able to receive quality advice for the business.

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